Cenveo Publisher Services announces the launch of Mobile dPub

Apr 05, 2011

Cenveo Publisher Services, a global full-service partner of Cadmus Communications, KGL and Glyph, announced its new mobile and desktop content delivery platform for journals, books, magazines, and reprints. Cadmus Mobile dPub is an e-delivery system that allows publishers to distribute content easily on any mobile device via a browser-flexible interface. A single link allows for distribution to iPhone, iPad, Android brand phones and tablets, all smart phones and your desktop.

Mobile dPub uses your print PDF as the input file, which is formatted and uploaded for immediate access from any browser-capable device. There is no need to create an application or sell through the branded marketplaces. If an application-delivered product is part of your strategy, the system allows for content to be wrapped as a native application and available through the Apple and Android marketplaces, with additional distribution channels to be offered soon.

Content can be securely delivered and managed through a subscription management tool with all of the revenue captured by the publisher. The tool provides for independent import of subscriber lists, subscriber management, and payment processing.