Centro Integrates with Sharethrough to Power In-Feed Native Ads on the Open Web

Sep 19, 2017

Centro, a provider of enterprise-class software for digital advertising, announced an integration with Sharethrough to give marketers more programmatic buying capabilities of native ads. The Sharethrough Exchange is the largest programmatic ad exchange in the ad tech ecosystem, transacting 8 billion impressions each month, with three-quarters of those on mobile devices. Centro’s Basis is the only demand-side platform (DSP) in market to pull in real-time bidding (RTB), direct, search, and social advertising into one unified campaign planning and buying platform. Basis customers can now access in-feed native ad impressions on the open web through the Sharethrough Exchange. More than 1,200 premium publishers such as Time Inc., Turner Digital (CNN), and Wenner Media, as well as app properties such as ABC News, Under Armour, and Rotten Tomatoes provide inventory on the ad exchange.  

Centro’s Basis is next generation programmatic software that unifies digital media planning, buying, and optimization across all programmatic and publisher-direct advertising. Benefits of buying native ads on the Sharethrough Exchange via Basis include:

  • High-performing ad units and highly engaged audiences at scale, as in-feed native ads receive clickthrough rates as high as 1% (10x higher than typical banner ads) with marketers experiencing 18% higher lift in purchase intent compared to non-native display ads
  • Automated tools for headline analysis and ad generation to help marketers optimize messages that work best for native ad formats; helps brands orient campaigns for this type of advertising
  • Ad impressions sourced directly from Sharethrough’s publisher clients to appear on websites (desktop, tablet, smartphone) and mobile apps (smartphone and tablet) 
  • Global reach with European ad impression availability
  • Integrated multi-channel capabilities to link native advertising with a campaign’s other ad tactics and to unify overall reporting

(centro.net, sharethrough.com)