Centralpoint CMS New Version Announced

Dec 05, 2006


Oxcyon has released version 7.2.18 of its Centralpoint CMS Lifecycle Management application for Publishing. Centralpoint Oxcyon's Virtual Lifecycle Management in enterprise content management provides an open source lifecycle management approach to give web developers the tools they need to manage multiple initiatives and a framework to accept new features. This means automating the stream of information from publisher to subscriber by audience type, channel, and type.

Email tools and Newsletter integration helps provide relevant information to each user when they want it. Automated tracking of reader-activity gives publishers an edge to see who is interested in what, when, providing the ability to extract this information, which can then be sold to advertisers.

Oxcyon's technology offers the elimination of development version control in favor of ECM-as-a-Service. Oxcyon is not an ASP (Application Service Provider); clients are free to host wherever they like. Centralpoint's patent pending architecture allows both Oxcyon and its clients to replicate and update across disparate physical server environments.