Centennial Software Launches DeviceWall 3.2

Dec 20, 2005

Centennial Software, an IT asset management and endpoint security vendor, has announced the launch of DeviceWall 3.2, the latest security solution designed to prevent the unauthorized transfer of data to and from company PCs using removable media devices.

DeviceWall can reduce the risk of identity theft, data loss, and spyware propagation by managing the connection of portable devices (such as MP3 players, USB sticks, and PDAs) to company-owned PCs. DeviceWall 3.2 features enhancements designed to help organizations ease the creation, deployment, and management of their security policies. A new feature in the solution is the ability for security managers to remotely monitor the volume of blocked and allowed device connections on the network even if they are not logged into the DeviceWall Control Center. Additionally, Centennial Software has improved the security of the client agents with new anti-tamper features designed to prevent users (even with local admin rights) from disabling the DeviceWall software. DeviceWall 3.2 is available to existing customers as a free upgrade and can be downloaded for a 30-day no-obligation trial from the Web site.