Cengage Taps Into the Education Market

Mar 03, 2011


Cengage Learning unveiled its new MindTap line of digital products and services for students at the annual TED conference. The platform is designed to engage students through interactivity while simultaneously offering instructors a choice in content, platforms, devices, and learning tools. MindTap is device agnostic, giving students access to their course materials on desktops, laptops, tablets, or mobile phones.

MindTap offers a variety of digital learning apps and services that combine Cengage Learning's content with technology that lets instructors seamlessly deliver the appropriate content to students, including the ability to support offline learning activities. MindTap also distributes content and technology assets from a number of providers through its new MindApps partner program,, including commercial partners, institution and instructor sourced applications, and open community software and content sources.

The platform also includes MindTap Reader, a new interactive platform that adds reading learning activity functionality through elements such as video/audio, annotations, activities, and applications.