Cengage Debuts MindApps for MindTap Educational Platform

Apr 28, 2011

Cengage Learning released details about MindApps, a new partner program designed to support the development of apps and services for the MindTap platform. MindTap, Cengage Learning's new platform for digital products and services, is designed to engage students through interactive functions while giving instructors a choice in content and learning tools.

The platform is designed to augment the traditional concept of ebooks, course delivery platforms, and Learning Management System (LMS). MindTap is browser-based and delivered through cloud hosting, and is accessible regardless of device or platform.

The MindApps partner program uses the framework of the MindTap platform to improve learning through a variety of digital learning apps and services. Examples of initial apps include ConnectYard, a social media communications platform; Google Docs; Kaltura, which allows instructors and students to integrate rich media in the learning experience; and NetTutor, which provides student access to live online tutors.

MindTap is already in use at several institutions, and titles across many disciplines are available for use in fall courses to members of the Early Adopter Program.