Cedato Unveils a New Video Content Unit for Publishers with Built-in Monetization and Content Composition Technologies

Apr 25, 2019

Cedato, the leading programmatic operating system for modern video, announces the release of the Video Content Unit (VCU), a complete video content monetization solution with built-in tools for running high-yield video across desktop and mobile while delivering an enhanced viewing experience.

Many publishers still rely on fragmented third-party tools to support their video content and monetization strategies, leading to inflation in costs as well as compatibility and latency issues. This makes it challenging for publishers to effectively monetize their sites while keeping users happy. With Cedato’s newest solution, a single line of code delivers the fastest-loading player in the market with built-in content feeds from Cedato’s continuously-updating syndicated video library, as well as from the groundbreaking Cedato Video Composer.

The AI-driven Cedato Video Composer automatically generates custom video content by transforming a publisher’s proprietary assets into engaging videos within minutes, without requiring any setup or editing. This allows for video storytelling that delivers premium in-stream video monetization with no overhead costs. Cedato’s Video Content Unit makes it easier and dramatically more cost-effective for publishers to offer a steady flow of high-quality, contextually relevant content to engage and retain their users. All this while eliminating the need for multiple complex solutions and costly video production teams.

The new unit is powered by the Cedato video player, which has the industry’s smallest footprint and loads up to 50% faster than other top providers, as well as Cedato’s powerful Hybrid Video Header Bidding engine for built-in yield optimization. The combination of faster loading and yield-decisioning enables the Cedato Video Content Unit to deliver up to 30% better video completion rates and significantly enhance fill rate performance.

By offering video monetization and content technologies within a single solution, Cedato makes it simple and more effective for publishers to build and scale sustainable video revenue models.

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