Cavendo Launches

May 02, 2006

Cavendo Corporation has launched, a public relations content management system for small and midsize businesses, designed to enable organizations to manage their public relations strategy through a central, hosted platform that works with their existing Web site. runs through a control panel where the public relations person within an organization can issue press releases and manage all aspects of their media room. This person does not need to contact their technical staff or vendors to make a revision to their media room, and all changes are published in real-time. includes press releases, an RSS feed for press releases, fact sheet, press kit, press contacts, management bios, events, articles, image gallery, awards, interview request form, and a media contact form. Every aspect of the media room, including using the template of the organization's main Web site, is managed through a control panel. To link its media room to their existing Web site, an organization links to a vanity Web address, such as, from their existing Web site.