Carroll Publishing Launches FedSearch

May 02, 2003

Carroll Publishing, a provider of government contact databases, has launched FedSearch, its newest and most targeted marketing resource. FedSearch is a proprietary Web-based service, providing contact information for 120,600 federal decision makers in Washington and across America. The FedSearch database provides information in both directory and organization chart formats. FedSearch provides complete contact information for the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the federal government. Detailed contact information is included for all federal departments, independent agencies, field offices, Pentagon brass, and 515 military bases across the country. The Federal Organization Charts focus on federal civilian and DoD decision makers. Charts are offered in both PDF (updated every 60 days), and dynamic Streaming Charts, which reflect daily updates of the Carroll database. In addition, FedSearch offers biographies and photos of civilian and military leaders, mission statements of departments and agencies, daily personnel news items about government leaders at all levels, Department of Homeland Security News, federal confirmations, plus vacant and acting government positions. The FedSearch service also includes Carroll's searchable full-text PEDS and CFDA program descriptions, its proprietary Program Management Index (PMI), a military acronyms de-coder, and other resources. The PMI brings together contact information for the program/project manager, contracting officer, and requirements authority for each military RDT&E program, and links them into the appropriate agency organization charts.