Carrefour Selects Xythos Software for Internet File Management

May 23, 2003


Xythos Software, an Internet file management software provider, has announced that Carrefour, a retailer, has selected the Xythos WebFile Server (WFS) for secure file access and collaboration via the Internet. Initial implementation of Xythos products will support the Carrefour retail locations throughout Spain. Xythos' WebDAV based products are designed to allow users to securely access, manage, and share file information from anywhere on the Internet via a Web browser or through familiar desktop applications. Xythos solutions are designed to work directly inside the current applications of customers like Carrefour, minimizing deployment costs and user learning requirements. Carrefour Spain expects to have their Xythos file management solution implemented quickly and will begin using the Xythos WFS to help its store managers and regional directors, supporting approximately 150 retail locations, access and manage documents and files containing sales data, merchandising information, and product pricing. The Xythos solution will integrate directly with Carrefour's Active Directory and WebSphere platform to simplify system authentication and security; while Xythos' file permissions will provide users with even greater control over how information can be shared between them. The Xythos WFS will reduce the burden on Carrefour's email systems by replacing file attachments with URLs pointing to a single instance of the file stored in the WFS repository.

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