Carlson Leisure Group Expands Stellent Implementation

Aug 15, 2003

Stellent, Inc., a provider of content management solutions, has announced that Carlson Leisure Group is expanding its Stellent Content Management implementation to include Stellent Site Studio. The Site Studio is a Web content management application that is designed to allow the company's Carlson Wagonlit Travel Associates and Cruise Holidays franchisees to create and manage their own Web sites. Carlson Leisure Group is a subsidiary of Carlson Companies.

The Site Studio technology is intended to enable Carlson Leisure Group to maintain a consistent layout and architecture across all of its franchisee Web sites and identify areas of the sites that franchisees can modify. At the same time, the product allows franchisees to develop and manage individual sites, leveraging Web content created by Carlson Leisure Group as well as content they create exclusively for their own franchises.

Using Site Studio, Carlson Leisure Group intends to create Web content using native applications or HTML template forms and automatically publish this content to Web sites. The franchisees' content contributors can maintain accurate, up-to-date content on their sites using the product's in-context contribution features. Users may then preview content in context to see how those changes will appear on the live site.