Cargill Launches New Corporate Site with Stellent

Sep 10, 2004

Stellent, Inc., a provider of content management solutions, has announced that Cargill, an international provider of food, agricultural and risk management products, and services, recently launched a new corporate Web site powered by Stellent Universal Content Management. The Stellent system is intended to enable Cargill's non-technical content authors and owners to contribute and publish Web site content using applications with which they are already familiar, such as Microsoft Office. The software also automates the company's processes for reviewing and approving Web site content; tracks each version of content to help ensure only the most current draft is published; and manages the metadata associated with content to guarantee site visitors receive accurate, predictable search results.

During the next phase of its Stellent implementation, Cargill will use the system to manage content across 135 public-facing Web sites. The Stellent technology is expected to allow Cargill to give business units and geographic locations an appropriate degree of freedom to deploy and manage their own Web sites to ensure specialized content is delivered in near real-time. It will also require these business units to develop and manage their sites within corporate guidelines and allow corporate teams to maintain central control of major site aspects, such as design and navigation structure.