Capital IQ Upgrades Platform

Nov 11, 2003

Capital IQ, Inc., a provider of information and application services to financial firms and corporations, has announced upgrades to the Capital IQ Platform featuring new data sets and functionality.

Market intelligence enhancements include: Users can now access fundamental financial data on over 500 private companies with public debt as well as annual reports, interim filings, and IPO prospectuses for over 13,000 non-US companies in over 65 countries. Also enhanced is coverage of trustees and alumni of universities and other non-profit organizations as well as their links to endowment investment firms. U.S. public company financials now include supplemental items, industry-specific financial summaries, more ratios, and breakdown by business segments. Users can also click into even more numbers to view calculations, adjustments, and audit trails back to SEC filings. Additionally, detailed brokerage estimates (i.e., analyst-specific estimates) are offered as a premium service.

Functionality enhancements include: Detailed Corporate Timeline (Up To 5 Years)--Users can now view the recent operating history, up to 5 years, for any company.  The Corporate Timeline incorporates all relevant Key Developments, transactions, news, stock information, and SEC filings for the company as well as its affiliates. 'My Alerts' Feature--Users can create and receive email alerts for all relevant SEC filings, Key Developments, and Activity Logs. Scope of Key Developments includes: accounting issues, expansions, reorganizations, client announcements, corporate governance, dividends, earnings, executive/board changes, litigations, labor relations, product announcements, investor relations, strategic alliances, and more. Enhanced Company and Person Screening Features--In addition to screening for both qualitative (e.g., Key Developments, ownership, biographical data) and quantitative (e.g., financials) information, users can also screen against major market indices (e.g., S&P 500) as well as custom (e.g., Watch Lists) indices. Enhanced Excel Plug-In Features and Functions--The Excel Plug-In features a new formula builder that allows users to populate financials into cells, as well as seven industry templates and many new data items. Users can also download (i) detailed, auditable financials, (ii) restated vs. original, and (iii) financial data on private companies with public debt. Enhanced Outlook Plug-In Features and Tools--A new My Sync Contacts tab within the My Capital IQ page now will serve as a conduit to help clients migrate their contacts to and from Microsoft Outlook.