Canto Revises Cumulus Product Line

Oct 31, 2003

Canto, a provider of digital asset management (DAM) solutions, has announced a new product line featuring the server solutions, which are designed to altogether bundle the components for the most typical needs around managing digital assets of any kind.

The Business Server Solution is tailored to meet the workflow and ecommerce needs of business users and includes high-end collaborative Web tools. It offers a Workgroup server, three clients, Cumulus Vault, and Internet Client Pro, formerly only available as a core functionality of Canto's  flagship offering, the Cumulus Enterprise Edition. This solution also includes one year UAP (Upgrade Advantage Program). The Publishing Server Solution is geared to sales and marketing departments and all customers who need to publish and market their assets to the Web. It includes a Workgroup server, three clients, and Web Publisher Pro, as well as one year UAP. The Archive Server Solution is designed for companies who need to manage and archive their assets efficiently. A Workgroup server and three clients are included.

Canto will continue to serve customers with the Cumulus Enterprise Edition built to target the global corporation with multi-located departments that need to centralize the access and retrieval of digital files. Furthermore, Canto will offer so-called Suites to cover the general needs of market segments. Already available is the Office Suite for Cumulus, intended to manage Office documents such as MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint. Early in 2004 Canto will ship a Professional Photo Suite for professional photographers dealing with high-end camera formats and news-related metadata management, such as IPTC. Further Suites will be made available successively.