Canto Releases Free Update to Web Publisher Pro

Apr 18, 2003

Canto, provider of Digital Asset Management solutions, has announced that Web Publisher Pro 1.0.1 is immediately available. Web Publisher Pro is designed to publish and market your digital assets on dynamically generated Web pages and is an option to the Cumulus Workgroup Edition. Cumulus, the cross platform line of DAM solutions is available for enterprises, workgroups, and single users. Web Publisher Pro 1.0.1 is a service update to the previous version. In addition to bug fixes it includes improved user handling and improved log functionality. In the Users & Groups database users can be centrally assigned to different rights, for example the right to open a catalog or to download assets but also to send assets by email and order them on CD. The predefined user rights can be expanded by selfdefined rights during integration projects. Web Publisher Pro 1.0.1 now includes an improved log functionality. While previously all information data had been written into one central log file, it is now possible to generate separate log files like ‘Delivery Log,' ‘Activity Log,' and ‘System Log' files. Each of these files can be customized and parameterized by a XML file. The entire syntax up to the date format used are freely configurable. The logged information can be stored in a text file or in databases and sent out by email.

Web Publisher Pro 1.0.1 will now be delivered with Jakarta Tomcat 4.1.18 and includes an update of the Cumulus Java Classes that are now available with version 5.5.2. Email shipment now also supports SMTP authentication with POP3 servers. Compatibility with previous jsp pages can be assured. No incompatibilities with modified jsp pages are to be expected. Web Publisher Pro 1.0.1, the Option to the Cumulus Workgroup Edition, is immediately available with English, German, French, and Japanese user interface on Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, and Solaris. Updates of Web Publisher Pro 1.0 to Web Publisher Pro 1.0.1 are free of charge. Updates for existing Web Publisher installations are also offered.