Canto Introduces Java-Based Customization Technology

Oct 03, 2003

Canto has introduced a new approach to digital asset management customization that is designed to help system integrators to cut their development and maintenance expense by at least 50 percent. Canto has named the technology Embedded Java PlugIn, or in short, EJaP. Based on the Java technology environment, Canto has modified its native applications and designed its jsp -based Internet solutions so that system integrators can write their applications once, and then run the same implementation on the internet as well as in the native Cumulus applications, running on Solaris Operating Environment, Linux, Mac OS X, or Windows. Cumulus is intended to allow users to manage all kinds of digital assets, be it multimedia files or office documents. The Cumulus product line is customizable and now offers a way to leverage built-in functionality, especially in the context of cross-platform solutions.

While the Cumulus products are still optimized for a specific operating system they run on, EJaPs are Java code that runs within the Cumulus application. EJaPs are designed to: modify the application's user interface, such as menu bar and toolbar; bring up their own dialog boxes and windows; manipulate internal application objects; and use callback methods to monitor, filter and replace Cumulus functions.

The EJaP technology will be available Q4 2003. Canto will start training registered system integrators immediately. The Cumulus Java Classes (CJC) that give access to the Cumulus internal objects are already available. The jsp-based products Web Publisher Pro and Internet Client Pro were released already at the beginning of this year. The EJaP technology will be made available at no cost to registered system integrators and developers.

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