Canto Integrates Cumulus with New Adobe Creative Suite 3 Applications

Jun 12, 2007

Canto has announced plans to use the Adobe Version Cue CS3 software developer kit (SDK), to build integration between the Cumulus and Adobe CS3 product lines.

Adobe Creative Suite 3 users will have direct access to their Cumulus catalogs and asset collections from within Adobe Creative Suite 3 applications--such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Dreamweaver--without launching any additional software. Managers, customers, and others not part of the core Creative Suite 3 workgroup can access and share the same assets, using the Cumulus native client (Mac OS X and Windows) or the Canto web clients. Advanced options available through these clients include finding assets based on their relationships to other assets, determining access permissions for users, and configuring catalogs to suit the organization's workflow needs. User access is always controlled by Cumulus--even for those connecting via Adobe Bridge CS3. Permissions can be user- or group-based, and can be determined on a per-catalog or per-asset basis, depending on the Cumulus edition used.

The Adobe Bridge CS3 application will provide a direct link to Cumulus systems designed to enable users to find, check-out, edit, check-in, and catalog new assets. When a file is complete or needs review, the designer selects an option inside Adobe Bridge CS3 that alerts Cumulus to take further action--archive the file, notify a manager that review is needed, or create a JPG, PDF (or other format) variant of the asset and make it accessible for web-based reviews or distribution. The first complete version of the integration is scheduled for Q4 this year. Support for all Cumulus 7.5 (and later) and BrandAssistant Servers is planned.