Canto Announces Internet Client Pro 3.0 and Web Publisher Pro 3.0

May 13, 2005

Canto, a provider of digital asset management (DAM) solutions, has announced that Internet Client Pro 3.0 and Web Publisher Pro 3.0 will be released in July 2005 in tandem with Cumulus 6.5.1. These are designed for users who not only publish their assets but also intend to use them for marketing purposes and for business generation. The major upgrades of Canto's Internet Options support central features of Cumulus 6.5. Internet Client Pro 3.0 is a component of the Cumulus Business Server Solution and Cumulus Enterprise. Web Publisher Pro 3.0 is a component of the Cumulus Publishing Server Solution.

Internet Client Pro 3.0 and Web Publisher Pro 3.0 are designed to enable users to publish their media on dynamic Web pages which allow remote teams and customers around the world to search for images and other documents within Cumulus catalogs, using standard Web browsers.

The Internet Options now include many functions for administration and Web-collaboration formerly restricted to the Cumulus Client. The updated Internet Options support Cumulus Actions, a feature of Cumulus 6.5 that enables the user to perform a combination of tasks in one step. The user can choose from a number of Actions configured by the administrator, such as format conversions in combination with water marking (3rd party product). The administrator no longer needs to enter a lengthy string of parameters to create a rendition but configures the format conversions using the Cumulus Client.

Internet Client Pro 3.0 additionally supports Metadata Templates. This is a feature ensuring consistency of entered data by supplying a template in which the data is entered. Internet Client Pro 3.0 uses the Metadata Templates that were created by the administrator using the Client. Cumulus Actions and Metadata Templates are defined only once by the Administrator, and can be employed by users accessing Cumulus catalogs via the new Internet Options or the Cumulus Client application. Quicksearch has been enhanced so that in addition to the "or" combination the user can now search for a string of two or more words/elements. The login password transfer between the Web browser and Web Publisher Pro/Internet Client Pro server is now RSA-encrypted to meet security standards. The updated Internet Options now support Cumulus 6.5 features regarding user password expiration and allow the users to change their password, if given the permission to do so.

To enhance workflow, users can create a URL reference with a mouse-click and send it as a link via email to a customer or co-worker. Recipients click on the link, enter their user name and password, and immediately see the record specified in the reference. Users can also be informed by email of any changes that have been made to a specific asset. The email contains the URL reference and enables the user to directly access the specified record.

Administrators` tasks are simplified with the updated Internet Options; they can now save preferences that are used in WPP/ICP for each user, using the Cumulus Client application. This applies to thumbnail size, sort order, and Quicksearch fields. This means that the Internet Options are not just customizable but also configurable, without the need for programming. Also, server side queries that have been saved by the administrator can now be viewed and selected using the Internet Options. The Thumbnail View now contains an icon bar for each thumbnail. The user can add a whole collection, or the entire page on display, to the collection basket. Enhancements have also been implemented in regard to the command Print Information View; a Slide Show feature with transitions has also been added.

Internet Client Pro 3.0 and Web Publisher Pro 3.0 offer enhanced performance and stability and are based on Cumulus Java Classes. One enhancement for companies and organizations with a lot of traffic to their catalogs is the new "Connection Pool." When a user connects to the server, this feature checks existing connections for free lines, which cuts user connection times.

Cumulus Internet Options can be used out-of-the-box, and are also flexible and customizable using HTML editors. They ship with Tomcat Web application server and are compatible with other Web application servers, such as IBM WebSphere. Features of Cumulus Internet Options include the ability to: use Actions to simplify combinations of tasks, (e.g. convert cataloged assets when downloading); use Metadata Templates to ensure consistency of entered data (ICP only); email notification of changes to specific assets; create URL references that can be sent via email to provide access to specific records; meet security standards using RSA password encryption; administrator can allocate set preferences for individual users; create Slide Show of a collection with transition effects; use Quicksearch to search for strings of words; customizable Quicksearch (via JSP or Cumulus Client application); place items in a session persistent collection basket; download assets from collection basket, send via email, or via CD-ROM; add whole collections to the collection basket in one step; and simultaneously sort across several catalogs.

The release of the updated Internet Options is expected for July 2005. Internet Client Pro 3.0 and Web Publisher Pro 3.0 require a Cumulus 6.5.1 installation. They ship with English, German, French, and Japanese user interface on Mac OS X, Windows, Solaris, and Linux platforms. Upgrades for existing Internet Option installations 1.x and 2.x are available. Canto Customers who are Upgrade Advantage Program (UAP) users will receive a free upgrade to their Internet Option.