Canto Announces Cumulus 6

Oct 24, 2003

Canto, a provider of digital asset management (DAM) solutions, has announced Cumulus 6. Workgroup and Enterprise Editions of this new version will be available at the end of November and are geared to professional users. Both Editions offer new features and improvements that are intended to simplify the user's daily work when managing assets. Cumulus 6 also incorporates a new central user management. The newly introduced EJaP technology (Embedded Java PlugIn) is designed to enable both customers and system integrators to customize the available out-of-the-box solutions to meet customer needs. New functions can be added and Cumulus 6 can be integrated into any workflow, Enterprise Portal, or Enterprise Content Management solution.

Cumulus 6 allows assets to be managed and made accessible centrally in one window. Also, an extra keyword list and the asset location can be displayed in addition to the categories. In Cumulus 6 users can switch between different views with preconfigured View Sets and display the information they find relevant regarding to format or task. Cumulus 6 also offers Asset Handling Sets for handling different formats. These preconfigured sets can be edited and provided centrally by the administrator. Under both Mac OS X and Windows Cumulus now features a toolbar with functions such as Quicksearch. The toolbar's layout has been adapted to Canto's Internet solutions for easier switching from the client application to the Internet application. The menu structure has also been simplified, including a new central settings dialog.

The Cumulus client application is now also available for Mac OS X. Cumulus 6 (Workgroup and Enterprise Edition ) is expected to be available at the end of November 2003. Server versions for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, and Solaris, and Client versions for Mac OS X and Windows will be offered. Upgrades will be offered for existing installations. Users who participate in the Upgrade Advantage Program will receive this upgrade within that UAP.