Canadian Nationwide Knowledge Network Established

May 30, 2003

A group of universities, health information associations, and companies in Canada have announced that they are in the final stages of creating a knowledge management and collaborative elearning platform for Health Informatics to serve the health system and educational institutions across Canada. A prototype of the new system will be ready in July, with completion slated for December. The project, called the Pan-Canadian Health Informatics Collaboratory, will improve knowledge sharing and standards among Health Informatics professionals, and create an new nationwide e-learning system for students in Health Informatics. The system will allow educational content submitted from institutions across the country to be shared and reused, or tailored for new purposes. Health Informatics encompasses the organizational, professional, scientific, and technical issues involved in the use of information systems among health organizations. Based on Open Text's Livelink collaboration and knowledge management software, the system will serve as a knowledge repository of educational content and information for Health Informatics professionals, educators and students. The repository will contain a range of information, including documents, educational materials and course modules; images, graphs and models; and audio and video content. The system will incorporate metadata and search capabilities to classify and organize educational content, and make it searchable and accessible by users. The system will follow IMS standards for classifying educational content in an information repository. The elearning component of the system will use Livelink MeetingZone, Open Text's online team meeting software, which is integrated with its Livelink software suite. MeetingZone provides an interactive online meeting environment where users can share notes and information, conduct ad hoc polls and use features, such as private instant messaging, group chat, whiteboarding, agenda annotations, URLs, presentation slideshows ,and application sharing. Organizations involved in the Health Informatics Collaboratory include: the University of Alberta, the British Columbia Institute of Technology, the Broadband Enabled Lifelong Learning Environment (BELLE), the University of Calgary, the Canadian Health Records Association (CHRA), Canada‚s Health Informatics Association (COACH), Dalhousie University, the Ecogene Research Program, Konova Solutions and Media, the Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences, Open Text, the University of Sherbrooke, University of Victoria, the University of Waterloo and the University of Western Ontario. The project is funded by the universities and companies involved and by Canada's Advanced Internet Development Organization (CANARIE).

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