Campaign Monitor with Emma and Delivra Launch New Campaign Monitor Brand

Jun 21, 2018

Campaign Monitor announced it has joined forces with Emma and Delivra to become the new Campaign Monitor brand, offering an email marketing solution for businesses of all sizes. As the three products cover the range of email marketing needs, it’s now much easier for marketers to expand email engagement strategies and grow their sophistication as business needs evolve. More than 250,000 organizations worldwide already benefit from Campaign Monitor’s easy-to-use email solutions to send beautiful, targeted emails and realize the value of email.

Email marketing is the best-performing marketing channel for brands looking to make connections with customers, and a majority of marketers report email generates the highest ROI for their organization when compared to all other marketing channels. As email’s dominance continues to hold true across industries, brands are in need of a partner who can grow with them as they increase sales, improve brand recognition and grow business.   

Campaign Monitor says it brings together best-of-breed email marketing solutions and services to better support the email needs of all businesses by offering the following:

  • Campaign Monitor: This market leading self-service brand focuses on delivering a more helpful experience compared to freemium brands, with a primary focus on high volume email senders trying to drive more engagement with subscribers. With its easy to use marketing tool, marketers are able to send beautiful, targeted newsletters to grow their business.
  • Emma: Emma’s solution makes it easy for teams of all sizes to create and collaborate on beautiful campaigns and it’s focused on delivering powerful personalization in an accessible way to ultimately drive more conversions or sales. It also allows distributed business or franchised organizations to manage professional email marketing at scale.
  • Delivra: Delivra offers custom email marketing and automation solutions designed to meet the unique needs of every customer. Its service-centric model focuses on building more sophisticated, custom email solutions for business who have advanced email marketing needs but lack the resources to support it.