CambridgeDocs announces PDF-XML Publishing Server

Aug 15, 2003

CambridgeDocs has announced the release of a new server product built on its XML transformation technology. The PDF-XML Publishing Server is designed to allow for the embedding of dynamic PDF generation within a custom application, or for the generation of PDFs via Web Services requests. The PDF-XML publisher is a server product that can be invoked from a Java API to be embedded within J2EE applications, or via the COM API or .NET API for embedding within applications developed using Microsoft application. Other dynamically generated formats include XHTML, HTML, XML, or RTF.

The PDF-XML Publishing Server is designed for situations where a customer needs to generate "PDF" documents on-demand as part of an application, publishing system, or Web Services implementation. The PDF files are generated from XML using XSL:FO, and the API allows companies to manipulate the generated PDFs using industry standards such as XML and XSL. The PDF-XML server, a part of the CambridgeDocs XML Content Backbone, first converts content from its source format into XML. This can be done automatically if the source format is in HTML, Microsoft Word, or Word Perfect, or existing PDF documents. This XML can be manipulated by the business application as necessary (for example, pulling data from a relational database to put into the PDF).

The PDF-XML Publishing Server can be combined with CambridgeDocs Microsoft Word plug-ins, which allows end users to submit documents into a publishing workflow right from their desktop applications; the process maintains the fidelity of the document during the conversion process while adding any necessary dynamic data. The PDF-XML Publishing Server converts the source document into XML, applies custom templates for creating the appropriate "look and feel" of the PDF documents, and then delivers the final PDF file or SOAP envelope for Web Services. The PDF-XML Publishing Server can also deliver XHTML versions of documents and RTF versions of documents. It uses industry standards such as XSL and XSL:FO for its customization layer, making it accessible to a wide variety of developers. The CambridgeDocs XML Content Backbone can "unlock" information stored in PDF's by transforming them to XML, and can transform XML content into PDFs. The PDF-XML Publishing Server is priced at $7500 per server.