CambridgeDocs Announces xDoc XML Converter

Jan 14, 2003

CambridgeDocs has announced the xDoc Converter, a tool for migrating unstructured content from legacy sources, including Microsoft Word, HTML, and Adobe PDF documents into any XML schema (XSD) or DTD for improved searching and indexing across the enterprise. The xDoc Converter is the first dedicated platform and IDE specifically designed to help businesses transform pre-existing unstructured HTML and Microsoft Word documents into "meaningful" XML, such as DocBook XML, LegalXML, NewsML, HR-XML, SCORM, and other customer-specific schemas. The resulting XML can be used for content management, multi-channel publishing, and syndication via Web Services. The xDoc Converter is a Java 2 platform with a .NET interface, and it works on Windows 2000 and Windows XP. It can import and convert content to any DTD or XML schema. The xDoc Converter also has a set of reference manuals and product tutorials, and example rules for converting documents into DocBook XML. The software application is available for immediate download.