Cambridge Semantics Partners with CData Software to Provide SQL Access to Graph-Based Smart Data Lake Solutions

Mar 06, 2018

Cambridge Semantics and CData Software  announced a technology partnership to provide SQL query access to a code-free, graph-based, big data management, and analytics environment. According to the companies, this partnership opens an entirely new option to the SQL user community, who will now be able use their existing query skills and familiar data access tools to access far richer integrations of diverse data sources.

CData Software specializes in the development of drivers and data access technologies for real-time access to online or on-premise applications, databases, and SaaS APIs. Leveraging its high-performance query engine, CData Software will develop new ODBC and JDBC drivers for Cambridge Semantics’ Anzo Smart Data Lake (SDL) 4.0, the company’s flagship platform based on open standards that builds a semantic layer at scale on all enterprise data. By providing Structured Query Language (SQL) access to SDL, the new drivers will enable an even broader range of users to extract reusable knowledge graphs at unprecedented high rates of speed in their own business language.