CafePress Launches PressIt

May 14, 2013

CafePress Inc. announced the launch of PressIt, an e-commerce plug-in that creates opportunities for bloggers and other small online businesses to monetize their original content without relying solely on outside advertising placements that may detract from a site's unique focus.

PressIt is a free, downloadable button that can be added to any web page. It synchronizes a site's proprietary web content with the CafePress product ecosystem, enabling bloggers and other small online businesses to generate revenue from a blog's original content by allowing visitors to create fully customizable print-on-demand products through CafePress.

Visitors who click the PressIt button will be able to see selected content on a selection of CafePress' over 500 base products. Visitors place an order and, if completed and approved, the content owner earns an affiliate commission from CafePress.