Cabinet NG Solution Manages Scheduling, Document, and Workflow

May 10, 2011

Cabinet NG announced the latest version of CNG-SAFE 7.0, which offers scheduling, document management, and workflow management capabilities. Before the release, previous versions only offered document and workflow management, and users had to manage scheduling in a separate system. In CNG-SAFE 7.0, the embedded scheduling tool allows schedules to be assigned at the cabinet, folder, and document levels, which is intended to create a more seamless workflow and save time.

CNG-SAFE 7.0 integrates with Microsoft's Outlook Calendar as well as with CNG-SAFE workflow, so that the item is automatically sent for review and approval and processing. Scheduled items can be assigned to the current user, multiple users, or a defined user group, and category titles and priorities can be customized for each user. Notes from users and on the schedule can provide instructions and comments. CNG-SuperSearch is now embedded, making it easier to locate documents, while the speed bar allows drag and drop access for emailing. Version 7.0 is available as an upgrade for existing customers.