CYA Technologies Integrates SnapLock Data Retention Solutions

May 02, 2003

CYA Technologies, Inc. has announced the integration of its CYA HOTBackup and CYA iArchive software with NetApp SnapLock and NearStore data retention solution. Together CYA and NetApp intend to enable customers to store large volumes of data in secure, easy to manage, and accessible environments while achieving a lower total cost of ownership. Specifically, CYA HOTBackup and CYA iArchive will support NetApp's SnapLock, a disk WORM (write once, read many) solution, allowing enterprise content management (ECM) and product lifecycle management (PLM) customers to archive data to high-performance, non-erasable, non-rewritable media, safeguarding it from tampering or deletion. SnapLock renders data on NearStore unalterable. The combined solution is designed to overcome current archival limitations such as slow search and retrieval performance and poor reliability. Two key offerings in the company's CYA Command Console product line are CYA HOTBackup and CYA iArchive. CYA HOTBackup incrementally backs up and restores objects and the business processes that govern them without requiring users to disconnect from the enterprise content management (ECM) or product lifecycle management (PLM) repository or to re-enter changes since the last "cold" backup. CYA HOTBackup is also able to restore an individual object, such as a CAD drawing, scanned document, or a new drug submission, along with its relationships to other objects, such as other files and workflows. CYA iArchive provides archiving that can be tailored to meet existing business practices while generating full audit reports and facilitating compliance for regulated businesses. CYA iArchive is designed to lower the total cost of ownership of storage, by migrating infrequently accessed data to Network Appliance's NearStore, while leaving the data available to the users and the application.

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