CYA Introduces Suite Of Migration Products For Documentum

Dec 10, 2002

CYA Technologies, a provider of application-aware business continuity software products, has announced availability of the first two modules in the CYA Migration Suite: CYA Inspector and CYA Validator. Documentum's recent announcement of Documentum 5 will require all clients running prior versions of Documentum to migrate. Enterprises that power their mission critical business applications within Documentum must migrate quickly and efficiently to avoid stalling their business process completely. CYA focuses on the developing enterprise software that assists in proactively recovering from unplanned events and streamlining planned events, such as migration strategies, by automating manual processes. The CYA Migration Suite minimizes the risk and cost associated with migration and validation by automating error prone manual tasks that add to the cost of a project as well present some of the greatest risks of project failure. In addition, CYA's migration products enable a client to begin with a cleaner environment, which makes migration much more predictable. The suite of flexible modules is designed to expedite migration, decrease downtime, minimize corruption, and decrease costs and risks associated with the migration as well as with the validation process after the migration is complete. An introductory bundle featuring the available CYA Migration Suite modules as well as other complimentary CYA products is being offered at a reduced price during Q4. Modules in the bundle include: CYA Inspector--identifies corruption and ensures a cleaner migration environment; CYA Validator--automates the validation process, including the ability to process large sample sets; CYA Object Manager--designed to update and organize the user community and their associated objects to ensure that components of the business process are not missing; and CYA iCommand--the portal interface to centrally manage all CYA products providing a common user.