CSG International Launches CSG Ascendon Digital Services Platform

Mar 03, 2015


CSG International (NASDAQ: CSGS), a provider of interactive transaction-driven solutions and services, introduced CSG Ascendon-a digital services platform that allows communications service providers (CSPs), content producers, and retailers to launch, scale and monetize new digital services such as movies, music, games, home security and more. By overlaying existing BSS and other technology systems, CSG Ascendon enables providers to launch new digital services without uprooting existing infrastructure. 

CSG Ascendon offers an overlay strategy that enables providers to define, deliver, analyze and refine new digital content or service offers. The platform gives providers a method to support always-connected consumer experiences across devices with the addition of cloud-based consumer profiles, preferences, digital entitlements, e-wallet, and payment options. Ascendon leverages CSG's experience with SaaS to help minimize initial costs and risk for providers as they evolve their approach to service presentation, ordering, delivery, payments and revenue settlement.