CSA Support For Katrina-Struck Customers

Sep 27, 2005

CSA has announced it will implement a number of initiatives in response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. To support the institutions that CSA serves, CSA will: consider the displaced users attending a new institution as authorized users for that institution; the users will have the ability to access the CSA databases for no additional charges to the institution; make CSA databases accessible to displaced users directly for up to 6 months through a registration process on the CSA Web site; and extend affected customer subscriptions for up to 6 months to cover the period of time where their services would be affected. In addition, to aid the library community in the area, CSA will work with the American Library Association (ALA) to create a fund used to help rebuild the affected library infrastructure; and review internal equipment for items that can be donated to the affected area.

The following publishers have already agreed to provide displaced subscribers with continuing access to their databases through the CSA Illumina: American Society of Civil Engineers; Rapra Technology, Limited; American Economic Association; Plexus Publishing, Inc.; and Modern Language Association.