CORDA Technologies Signs Four Sales Contracts

Sep 19, 2003

CORDA Technologies Inc., a Lindon, Utah-based developer of interactive Web-based charting and graphing solutions, has announced that Toyota, Home Depot, The Limited, and Pratt & Whitney have purchased its PopChart or OptiMap data visualization solutions. PopChart and OptiMap are dashboard applications that direct and display the data.

PopChart is a server-based suite of tools available for creating sophisticated interactive charts and graphs for deployment on any platform. PopChart offers drill-down capabilities, text boxes, callout notes, or popup text to help users better understand their data.

OptiMap is a server-based mapping solution that integrates dynamic data in a geographic format for display on a Web browser. OptiMap is designed to easily integrate with any Web application server and contains a variety of map images that can be fed with on-demand dynamic data. The information contained in the charts, graphs and maps is made accessible to the blind and visually-challenged through an automated descriptive text that is created at the time the chart or map is created.