CONZULsys Libraries Choose Multiple Endeavor Solutions

Jan 24, 2003

Endeavor Information Systems has announced that CONZULSys (a consortium of four New Zealand university libraries) has chosen the Voyager integrated library management system, ENCompass digital library management system, and LinkFinderPlus linking system. Involved in the selection are the libraries of the Auckland University of Technology in Auckland, the University of Otago in Dunedin, the University of Waikato in Hamilton, and Victoria University of Wellington. The project is one of the collaborative activities currently being undertaken by CONZUL members. CONZULSys selected the Endeavor software in part, then, to enhance the collaboration between libraries. Combined, the libraries' house over 1.9 million titles and over 2.4 million volumes. Serving over 75,000 library users, CONZULSys also selected Endeavor's Universal Borrowing system for reciprocal consortia borrowing, Voyager Interlibrary Loan system, Media Scheduling materials booking system and the Voyager interface to a third-party self-check interface. CONZULSys will employ a third-party server hosting company to maintain the hardware for the library systems. The Endeavor software is intended to enable CONZULSys members to adhere to their vision statement, which is "to use and develop the best enabling technologies in a pioneering collaboration which will enhance the innovative delivery of library and information resources to the New Zealand tertiary learning and research community."