CMS Watch Announces Predictions for 2007

Jan 19, 2007

CMS Watch has announced its "Predictions for 2007" call for technology buyers to seek simpler solutions to complex content problems. Some of these analyst predictions include: Google de-googles its appliance--The Google Appliance will continue to disrupt the enterprise search market, but its ever-expanding feature set will inevitably make the appliance harder to administer; Rediscovery of workflow--Those considering compliance, document, email, or content management solutions to resolve the issue of lost and irrelevant information are coming quickly to the conclusion that complex processes need to be defined and enforced before new technologies are adopted; Falling seat prices-- Lower-priced options will create a buyers' market for content and document technologies; AJAX UI backlash--Many software vendors are working on revamped, AJAX-based interfaces to simplify the user experience, but early results suggest that many of these slick interfaces are less than functional and reliable; and portal platforms diversifying--As portal technology becomes increasingly strategic and widespread, more vendors will offer multiple different portal platforms to fit enterprise requirements, rather than "one ring to rule them all" uber-products.