CMP Media LLC Selects Context Media

Sep 12, 2003

Context Media, Inc., a provider of content integration software, has announced that CMP Media LLC, a high-technology B2B multimedia company, has selected Context Media Interchange Suite to power a new content syndication offering. The new offering, Acumen Information, is designed to provide CMP clients with access to content from hundreds of sources customized to meet their individual informational needs. Interchange Suite will handle the aggregation and categorization of CMP's digital content, which is stored in multiple IT systems across the enterprise, for delivery to clients and new markets.

Context Media Interchange Suite is built on open Web services standards and enables organizations to provide access to and management of both structured and unstructured digital content, including rich media and text files. Interchange Suite is designed to allow businesses to aggregate digital content stored in multiple repositories and systems around an enterprise and present it to users through a single view.

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