CMP Media; ICI Paints Select Artesia TEAMS Solution

Mar 09, 2004

CMP Media has recently gone live with the second stage of a multi-phase Artesia TEAMS digital asset management solution deployment in an effort to more efficiently and effectively deploy and leverage their corporate assets. CMP Media has also decided to employ a distributed content environment with mirrored repositories using EMC Centera storage located in New York City and San Francisco.

As CMP Media's most valuable assets would be stored within its enterprise-wide digital asset management system, the company's Network Services and Data Center team decided that a fully redundant system should be employed with real-time mirroring between its New York City and San Francisco locations. Based on its integration with the Artesia TEAMS system, an EMC Centera storage system was selected to support this approach towards content management with 7 terabytes of storage being used to handle CMP Media's initial deployment. Through the use of this integrated Artesia/EMC system, digital assets could automatically be stored and managed across both locations with users accessing specific assets from the closest system to them in order to ensure optimal performance and responsiveness.

The initial focus of the rollout was to bring the management and storage of all of the print advertising content used by CMP Media in-house; the previous arrangement in which the company's pre-press suppliers managed this process resulted in an additional fee every time as asset was used. More recently, CMP Media has begun to transfer its one million editorial assets, such as photos, images, and graphics, to the system so that creative staff, editors, and production staff can more effectively access, use, and track these materials. These efforts encompass the first two phases of what is now envisioned to be a multi-stage deployment of the Artesia TEAMS system reaching 14 business groups within CMP Media. Future plans include importation of audio/visual content as part of the company's intention to use the system to more effectively repurpose and resell conference programming and integration with the company's Interwoven content management system that would provide internal users with singular access to both the company's published and internal content. In addition, the company expects to also utilize the system to more easily develop and track sales presentations and custom publishing efforts and potentially vend photos directly to outside users.

Artesia has also announced that ICI Paints has selected its TEAMS digital asset management solution in an effort to create a comprehensive 'brand library' supporting its global marketing programs. The creation of a centralized, Web-based resource hosting all of the company's photography assets is expected to improve time-to-market for new products and marketing campaigns, help sustain the quality of marketing collateral on a global scale, and reduce costs through more efficient management and reuse of assets. At the same time, the TEAMS solution will ensure that the appropriate controls and restrictions, such as those applying to trademarks or promotional dates, are continually enforced. ICI Paints is using the Artesia TEAMS solution to replace an internally developed system, Imagine, which the company had outgrown. The system has been installed in ICI Paints Web Computing Environment, which is hosted in a British Telecom installation in the UK.

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