CM Professionals Elects Board of Directors

Jan 25, 2005


CM Professionals, a group of content management professionals from around the world, has elected its first formal Board of Directors. The new Board roster includes: Ann Rockley, President; Erik Hartman, Vice President; Seth Gottlieb, Treasurer; Samantha Starmer, Secretary; Frank Gilbane. The new board -- which takes the reins from an interim board -- will be charged with converting a variety of program ideas from members into active initiatives.

CM Professionals is a community of practice for people involved with managing content for electronic and other media. CM Professionals collects, develops, organizes, and provides access to knowledge about content management through online resources, email interaction, and face-to-face summits. By identifying, refining, publicizing, and advocating for respected content management practices and models, CM Professionals aims to educate and foster interaction among content management professionals, enterprise leadership, product vendors and university educators.