CISTI Completes Phase 1 of Its Competitive Technical Intelligence Portal

Jun 07, 2005

The Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information has announced the completion of Phase 1 of its Competitive Technical Intelligence Portal project. This concludes the partnership agreement with Sirsi Canada Inc. to jointly develop a Web-enabled CTI process management tool. Sirsi Corporation is a provider of services and software geared at assisting libraries worldwide to connect with their users.

This agreement was a model of private-public sector partnership, with each partner contributing distinct strengths. CISTI provided Sirsi with its CTI know-how. In exchange, Sirsi also contributed its CTI knowledge and experience in the corporate environment and designed the CTI process management system, extending its expertise in the delivery of information technology solutions for the global library market.

Phase I of the project involved collaborative work on the conception, development and testing of a prototype that automates CISTI's six-step CTI process.

Upon completion by CISTI of Phase II in the fall of 2005, the Web-based product will be rolled out to CISTI's Canada-wide network of NRC Information Centers. This will not only streamline CISTI's current CTI processes, but also allow the sharing of best practices and lessons learned among CISTI staff.

Small and medium-sized enterprises may benefit from the technology. CISTI's CTI services are targeted to NRC Industrial Research Assistance Program client SMEs, as well as the NRC's private-sector partners. This is in line with CISTI's ongoing role of promoting and stimulating research and development in Canada, as the foundation of a knowledge-based economy. Part of the National Research Council of Canada, CISTI is one of the world's premier sources of information in areas of science, technology and medicine.