CIE Partners with Thomson Scientific to Launch New Web Store

Aug 19, 2005

Thomson Scientific and the Commission Internationale de l'Eclairage (CIE), International Commission on Illumination, have announced the launched of the new CIE online Web shop. The business agreement calls for the Techstreet unit of Thomson Scientific to design, build, promote, and fully manage the new CIE online standards store. This includes digital file management, document procurement, fulfillment, and customer service for CIE customers around the world.

A standards body recognized by ISO, IEC, and regional organizations like CEN, CIE develops and publishes industry standards, technical reports, and conference proceedings dealing with scientific and industrial aspects of lighting, illumination, and optics. The new CIE Web shop is a source for CIE documents and related industry standards in electronic and print formats. Additional services include free unlimited standards tracking and a Web-based standards subscription service offering immediate online access to a custom set of standards for multiple users anywhere in the world.