C.D.I. Systems Announces OEM Agreement for its DRM Technology

Jul 08, 2003

C.D.I. Systems, a developer of e-publishing solutions, has announced the signing of an OEM agreement with Aladdin Knowledge Systems. C.D.I. Systems will provide Aladdin with its Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology for the protection of digital content. The DRM technology from C.D.I. Systems is incorporated into Aladdin's HASP DocSeal, a product based on their proven HASP security key hardware. DocSeal is commercially available and is being marketed via Aladdin's worldwide sales network. C.D.I. Systems' DRM technology, as was integrated in HASP DocSeal, provides the authorized end-user with read-only rights to the protected document. Browser functionalities such as print, copy, print capture, or save are disabled to ensure intellectual property such as product documentation and technical specifications can be accessed only by authorized users in a protected environment.

(http://www.cdisys.com), (http://www.ealaddin.com), (http://www.hasp.com/docseal)