CCC Announces Annual Copyright License for Academia

Jun 26, 2007

Copyright Clearance Center Inc. (CCC), a provider of text-licensing solutions, has announced the launch of the Annual Copyright License for academic institutions, a single license that provides faculty and staff with pre-approved permissions to use content in course management systems, paper and electronic course packs, electronic library reserves, research collaboration, and more. Developed in cooperation with several colleges and universities, including charter program member Middlebury College, the Annual Copyright License provides “check-and-go” permission to use content from books, scholarly journals, news and trade magazines, and newspapers. Nearly 200 publishers--including Springer, Sage Publications, Nature Publishing, John Wiley & Sons, The New York Times and Princeton University Press--have signed on to the new program. The license covers single- and multi-campus institutions, including international campuses of U.S.-based colleges and universities.