CBS And Aggregate Knowledge Partner

Apr 01, 2008

CBS Mobile and Aggregate Knowledge announced they are teaming up to offer discovery and recommendation technology on mobile websites. In its first step, this partnership between Aggregate Knowledge and CBS Mobile will allow any user visiting the CBS Mobile News website to see and receive content recommendations based on what is being viewed, clicked, and read--anonymously and in aggregate--by mobile users with similar interests. For instance, if a user reads an article about "super delegates" they might be led to a story about the upcoming democratic primaries, because others who read about the super delegates went on to read about the primary. Consumers will see article suggestions initially in the form of "Your Headlines" functionality. Because content suggestions are user-driven, they change throughout the day based on natural shifts in interest from morning news, to feature articles, to breaking stories and trends. Aggregate Knowledge will initially deploy the Pique Discovery Window to deliver content recommendations for the CBS Mobile news site.