CAS is More Than Compliance, According to Survey

Sep 12, 2006


The CAS (Content Addressed Storage) community--a consortium of storage vendors and associations including EMC, IBM, SUN, Permabit and SNIA--have recently partnered with the business communications group Larstan Business Reports, to conduct a survey of senior IT executives and managers as a means of determining just where CAS sits on their radar screens. The study, which was conducted in July 2006 involved 202 respondents, primarily senior level IT executives, including CXOs, CIOs, storage administrators, and top-level project managers. The industries they represented included IT, business services, health care, and financial services.

There were a number of findings about the CAS landscape that emerged from the survey, including: cost reduction and storage manageability were among the top business motivations for considering a CAS system; from an IT perspective, record management, content management, and email capture emerged as primary motivators for an organization to seek more information about CAS. CAS is not being used for compliance alone as was previously believed; the survey responses strongly indicate that general interest in CAS is growing and likely to continue. Only 21% of those surveyed report not being interested in CAS technologies for their organization. This leaves a subset of 79% of respondents either exploring or deploying CAS technologies within the organization; and there is still a need for additional market information about CAS to be disseminated, and efforts such as the CAS community help to spread information about CAS uses, best practices, and value to organizations weighing storage options.