CAS and HBZ Renew SciFinder Scholar Agreement

Jun 05, 2007

For the fifth consecutive year, CAS and the hbz consortium, the North-Rhine Westphalia Service Centre for Libraries of Germany's largest state (Hochschulbibliothekszentrum des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen), have renewed an agreement to provide SciFinder Scholar, an academic research discovery tool, to 57 universities and 8 Bachelor schools in Germany. In addition to providing ongoing access to CAS databases, chemical and related scientific information, SciFinder Scholar will, by this summer, include new options and features of SciFinder 2007 designed to enhance the exploration of CAS' resources.

Among other capabilities, SciFinder Scholar 2007 features will permit researchers to: combine answer sets for substances, reactions and references where researchers will be able to combine answer sets in SciFinder Scholar; explore from substance display where researchers will be able to capture a chemical structure from a substance answer display, then use it to search by structure in the CAS Registry database; print structures in thumbnail display format so that multiple chemical structures can be printed in a grid arrangement for a comparative view; group references based on focused scientific categories. References can be more clearly grouped by similar themes; save SciFinder Answers so that researchers will be able to save search results in a re-usable format allowing them to be re-opened in a later SciFinder Scholar session.