CAS and FIZ Karlsruhe Release STN Viewer

May 11, 2007

CAS and FIZ Karlsruhe have announced the release of STN Viewer, a new web-based workflow productivity tool designed for patent professionals. Integrated with STN, an online information service for science and technology, STN Viewer is designed to help researchers to manage and evaluate full-text patent documents available in STN’s collection of patent databases. STN Viewer is implemented within STN Express, software for information professionals. The STN Viewer features advanced highlighting capabilities employing truncation options and its flexible document labeling features offer users a means to efficiently manage patent information projects. Use of STN Viewer is included in the STN Fixed Fee plan.

STN Viewer provides: a suite of tools designed for management of patent projects; integration with STN, access from patent searching to evaluation; direct access to information contained in STN’s full-text patent databases reporting national (British, French, German, U.S.), regional (European), and international (World Patent Organization) patent literature. With STN Viewer, information and intellectual property professionals can create custom patent projects using full-text patent documents. They can also share patent projects with others in their organization or team.

Patent professionals can evaluate patents with STN Viewer, view major sections, publication stages, and family members; define and highlight terms and phrases; and navigate the entire patent document via a visual summary of highlighted terms. STN Viewer also provides users with the capability to create reports in the .rtf format maintaining their customized highlighting, as well as the ability to save projects for use with STN Express post-processing tools.