CAS Launches SciFinder 2006

Aug 30, 2005

CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society, has launched SciFinder 2006 and SciFinder Scholar 2006. Scientists exploring the CAS Registry of 26 million organic and inorganic chemical substances can retrieve "similar substances" to foster new ideas and directions in drug discovery and other fields of scientific inquiry. "Similarity Searching" is only one of several new features adding new power and depth to SciFinder this year.

New features of SciFinder 2006 include: Similarity Searching , as a complement to SciFinder substructure searching, similarity searching permits new options for identifying substances of interest via precise statistical analysis using the Tanimoto algorithm; Structure Query Tools, which are used to identify substances more precisely, new tools permit drawing a variable attachment point and a repeating group; Reaction Searching, finding reaction information has been enriched with new content and features--these include reaction conditions and identifying intermediate reactions in a multi-step reaction. Scientists can also click any substance in the reaction display to find additional information, including retro-synthetic pathways; Navigation & Usability--improvements include duplicate detection and removal for more efficient combined searching of the CAplus and MEDLINE databases. A new Locate feature permits access to journal and patent documents by entering journal titles, author names, and other partial bibliographic information. While announcing the release of SciFinder 2006 for Windows, CAS also announced that a native MAC OS X version of SciFinder will appear in Q4 2005.