CA Delivers CleverPath "Information in Action"

Feb 07, 2003


Computer Associates International, Inc. (CA) has outlined CleverPath "Information in Action"--its blueprint for enterprise business intelligence. The goal of CleverPath "Information in Action" is to provide decision makers with a more intelligent view of business and market conditions through sophisticated aggregation, analysis and personalization of real-time and historical information. The CleverPath "Information in Action" blueprint is based upon CA's Information Delivery Maturity Model, which identifies four progressive stages in the evolution of information delivery systems. Based on this model, enterprises can pinpoint opportunities for improvements in information access, relevancy, and analysis--which, in turn, can empower managers to make more accurate and reliable business decisions.

In support of its CleverPath "Information in Action" blueprint, CA is delivering a series of products and product enhancements that are designed to enable applications to adapt to changes in business processes and maximize the business value of information. New CleverPath solutions include: CleverPath Portal 4.5--simplified administration and user management; enhanced XML and Web APIs; and major gains in performance and scalability. Version 4.5 incorporates many user customization, convenience, and template enhancements driven by a recent usability study. CleverPath Aion Business Rules Expert 9.5--provides Web services access to business rules both within the CleverPath infrastructure and for direct use in customer applications for simplified standards-based integration. CleverPath Collaboration Option--portlets that provide business collaborative capabilities such as instant messaging, browser content sharing, and audio/video conferencing. CleverPath Advanced Access Control Option--protects enterprise information assets and simplifies access for authorized users by providing authentication and secure single sign-on for internal and external resources and applications. CleverPath Dashboard Option--an integrated development environment to create and deploy executive dashboards that display Key Performance Indicators and other business metrics.