C I Host Adds New Features to e-Files on the Web

Jul 01, 2003


C I Host has added new features and upgrades to its e-Files on the Web product in an effort to extend its attributes and securities features. e-Files on the Web is an online file management solution targeted to small and medium-sized businesses looking for a new way to save documents and provide a way for employees to work on company files. Fiels can be managed from home, office, wireless devices, or Web-enabled mobile phones. e-Files on the Web also works with wireless area protocol networks (WAP)s and PDAs. Updated features for e-Files on the Web include additional tools for the administration server to manage user accounts including the ability to add, delete, or modify user accounts; unlimited number of users and two types of accounts; master accounts and non-master accounts. Master accounts have access to everything and have the authority to assign access privileges; non-master accounts only have read and write access to directories they are authorized to access. To increase security and monitoring of e-Files on the Web, there are now usage statistics available to view including: the ability to check the last 100 events that took place in e-Files and what person authored any changes in those events; a login attempt log and the ability to blacklist users by IP address. The system will also auto log out users who are inactive for a certain period of time. Each e-Files account gets an email account; each user has a personal directory in a "received files" directory as well as an "email attachments" directory for when an email with attachments is sent to the account's email address. Other products developed by the retail division of C I Host include e-Business in a Box and e-Memories on the Web.