BuzzLogic Changes Name, Becomes Twelvefold Media

Nov 03, 2011

BuzzLogic, an online media company specializing in emotive-based advertising, announced that it has changed its name to Twelvefold Media. The word "twelvefold" signifies a substantial increase in size, degree or amount and centers upon Spectrum, the company's recently launched online advertising platform.

Spectrum introduced a new definition of relevance for targeting ad messages. According to Twelvefold Media, it moves beyond simple context of keywords on a page to reflect the influence, authority and emotional mindset a piece of content creates with its readers. Spectrum identifies and understands these components at a page level versus the site or category level. It then scores content across the web in real-time, to determine and place a brand's ad message on the most influential pages at scale--be it hundreds or millions.

The company has also renamed its suite of products that comprise Spectrum.

Twelvefold Touch, formerly BuzzRoll, delivers relevant, custom advertising experiences to brands and consumers. Twelvefold Studies, formerly BuzzStudies, measures the impact of media within specific content. Delivered in-unit and focused to 4-6 questions, Twelvefold Studies measure the lift in message recall, brand preference, purchase intent, or other key brand metrics. Twelvefold Insights, formerly BuzzInsights, provides research and content target building aligned to brand objectives for campaign planning, campaign launch and optimization.