Burst Media Finds Advertisers Received $6.85 in Earned Media Value for Every $1.00 Spent on Influencer Marketing Programs

Mar 03, 2015


Burst Media, a provider of integrated advertising programs for U.S. brands, released the results from its first Influencer Marketing Benchmarks Report, which looked at the performance of dozens of Influencer Marketing programs across 15 key advertising verticals in 2014. The study found that advertisers who implemented Influencer Marketing programs received an average $6.85 in earned media value (EMV) for every $1.00 of paid media spent.   

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) advertisers recognized great success from Influencer Marketing programs, and CPG food brands in particular saw the greatest impact - earning $11.33 in EMV for every $1.00 spent and achieving a 3.9% social engagement rate.

Other verticals that saw strong EMV performance included retailers and apparel ($10.48), tourist destinations and travel ($7.04), grocers and supermarkets ($4.80), shoes ($3.70), and Toys & Games ($3.31). Verticals that experienced high social engagement rates with their Influencer Marketing programs were grocers and supermarkets (6.70%), CPG food (3.9%), and retailers and apparel (2.7%).

Brands that offered audiences sweepstakes and giveaways saw higher earned media value and greater social engagement rates. Influencer Marketing programs perform best when used to reach focused audience segments who are typically "social media connected" and have a propensity to share content. Rich media content distribution units (e.g., Fixed Footers and Expandables) and social syndication programs complement the efforts of influencers for brand awareness by delivering massive reach.

At a granular level, an Influencer Program's social engagement rate is the barometer for how on-point branded content is with the target audience. A hallmark of an effective Influencer Marketing program is focused targeting to audience segments most likely to distribute content within their social platforms and co-create content that advocates a brand's offerings