Built.io Teams Up with Loggly

Jun 15, 2017

Built.io, a technology provider with solutions that enable organizations to accelerate their digital transformation, announced it has partnered with Loggly – a cloud-based, enterprise-class log management service – to capture system and application data records across all of its products and cloud platforms. Loggly provides monitoring capabilities that address core developer requirements for individuals and teams building on Built.io's application development and integration platform.

Log management helps optimize configurations to increase performance, maximize uptime and troubleshoot issues, and is a prerequisite for enterprise security and compliance requirements.

Tight integration between Built.io's platform and Loggly's log management capabilities provides Built.io customers real-time insights on what's happening with their applications. The joint solution enables advanced audit and reporting capabilities, and is suitable for highly regulated industries and geographies where recording of key information, such as system logs and access records, is paramount.

(built.io/partners, loggly.com)